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Coaching Update for the Flyers!

This past Monday, the Flyers added Mike Yeo and Michel Therrien to their coaching staff as assistant coaches. Both were at the helm of contending teams two years ago in Minnesota and Montreal, respectively. Therrien has been out of the NHL for two years now.  Mike Yeo was just relieved of duties in Saint Louis mid-season.

Desperation or Bolstering?

The Flyers, who have had great struggle for the past couple of years, need help. Are these two moves out of desperation, or just bolstering the coaching staff? Many fans see this as nothing more than utter desperation. One fan quotes,

“We need three head coaches to be successful, that tells you how desperate people are.”

Another, who seemed to have a more positive reaction towards the move, said,

“We are simply bolstering the coaching staff, firing on all cylinders and trying to win, because we have talent, we just need to harness it.”

These moves have not been classified as either being out of desperation or just bolstering by Flyers front office yet. A significant portion of the fan base is split on these decisions.

Michel Therrien

Therrien Coaching in Montreal

Michel Therrien (756-375-384-26) has great power play numbers and encourages a crash-the-net and gritty style of play. With weapons similar to what he had in Montreal, the power play is sure to improve in Philadelphia.

Mike Yeo

Coach Mike Yeo

Mike Yeo (482-246-181-55) is a defensive and five-on-five mastermind. Yeo encourages a shooting lane block and a style of play that protects the blue line. However, with a defensive specialist at the helm, Yeo and new head coach Alain Vigneault will have to come up with a hybrid system and find a way to have a better blue line. With these new coaching acquisitions, the Flyers have a good shot at improving on their mediocre past season.

Philly Sports Press would like to thank the members of the GA community for providing the fan responses used in this article.

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