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Joel Embiid’s Stomach Bug Has Us LOL

He’s the hero Philadelphia needs but doesn’t deserve. And the story of his stomach bug is hilarious.

Joel Embiid Stomach Bug

76ers Center Joel Embiid

Throughout game two of the playoff series against the Toronto Raptors, center Joel Embiid struggled with a stomach bug. Originally, it was thought that he would sit out for the entire game. Jimmy Butler did most of the heavy lifting in the victory, ending the game with a total of thirty points. He’s really starting to show that he can be a true leader on the court. Brown said that “this was James Butler,” an “adult in the gym” and “a tremendous rock.” Butler responded with “My name isn’t James. It literally is Jimmy,” drawing laughter from the reporters.

Ben Simmons did a great job of defending Kawhi Leonard and keeping the Raptors’ offense at bay, forcing them to take late shots. Off the bench, Greg Monroe took the regular place of Boban Marjanovic. This proved to be a great choice by Brett Brown. Monroe put up points in the paint and reigned in several rebounds.

Embiid’s Stomach Bug

Coach Brett Brown said that Embiid needed to use an IV for hydration before going out for warmups. He finished with only 12 points, which is not very many for a player of his caliber. It’s not quite comparable to the Michael Jordan flu game. But it was funny nonetheless. In a postgame interview, Embiid said,

“If you’ve had the sh–s before, you would know how it feels.”

Relatable, Joel. Relatable indeed. All in all, this was a great team victory for the Sixers which opened up the possibility of us taking the series in a few more games. The next game is on Thursday at 8:00 pm. Hopefully, everyone on the team will be healthy for the remainder of the series.

For a video of the postgame interview, click here.

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